Getting started

segment-lidar v0.1.5


The package segment-lidar is specifically designed for unsupervised instance segmentation of aerial LiDAR data. It brings together the power of Segment-Anything Model (SAM) developed by Meta Research and segment-geospatial package from Open Geospatial Solutions. Whether you're a researcher, developer, or a geospatial enthusiast, segment-lidar opens up new possibilities for automatic processing of aerial LiDAR data and enables further applications. We encourage you to explore our code, contribute to its development and leverage its capabilities for your segmentation tasks. If you use this package for your research, please cite:
author = {Yarroudh, Anass},
title = {LiDAR Automatic Unsupervised Segmentation using Segment-Anything Model (SAM) from Meta AI},
year = {2023},
howpublished = {GitHub Repository},
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The paper will be published very soon.
The latest source code is available at GitHub. The package builds on top of existing works and when using specific algorithms within segment-lidar, please also cite the original authors, as specified in the source code.



Please, contact as via email [email protected] or [email protected] for questions and the GitHub issue tracker for bug reports, feature requests, additions, enhancements and other topics.
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